Food Fitness First ™ Wellness Program

Everything you need to start and run a wellness program in a work place or a community.

Where do I start?

Food Fitness First ™ has a Section for: Starting a Wellness Program in our work place or community. This includes: a pilot study, research, sample letter and proposal to company officials. These can be changed to meet your needs. We suggest committee of interested people present the idea after meeting together.

Food Fitness First ™ Classes: There are 12 classes to start the program. Each class has advertisement (Newspaper Article and Bulletin Board) as well as class handouts and Power Point Presentation.

Class One - Introductory Class provides the employee or potential participant with answers: "What is Food Fitness First ™?", "What is the Favorable Fitness Factor ™?", "How do I sign up?", "What is in it for me?" as well as cost, committment, and incentives will vary for each work place or community, but we make suggestions for you.

A session can be setup with the introduction class to do measurements, lab work, and any other data the work place or community wants to monitor.

These results will be used in the Favorable Fitness Factor ™ which is the "Scorecard for Health." The Favorable Fitness Factor ™ is used to have individuals fill out their Favorable Fitness Factor ™ manually or online as computers are available. This will generate their Goals and Scorecard to start the program. *All Food Fitness First ™ Classes are coordinated with the Favorable Fitness Factor ™.

Section One - Food Choices

Section Two - Exercise

Section Three - Disease and Medications

Section Four - Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Use (Lifestyle Changes)

Wrap Up Session

At the session, Final Measurements, Labs, and Filling out of the Favorabale Fitness Factor ™ with NEW SCORE and all is completed. Move to Level 2 or offer Level One again.