About Food Fitness First

Food Fitness First, Inc. was developed by Registered Dietitians, Pam Thompson and Nancy Walker. Their backgrounds cover a wide spectrum of healthcare and nutrition experiences.

The purpose of Food Fitness First, Inc. is to provide simple and understandable nutrition and health information for the nutrition professional and consumers. There are thousands of handouts, diets, menus, inservice education, diet and policy manuals and health information handouts on the professional portion of the website. On the individual portion, we have developed consumer information about diseases, healthy eating, cooking and shopping; and in the wellness portion of the website, we have designed a corporate wellness program for use by professionals and an individual wellness program, for an individual, self-taught program. Both programs can track progress for the person and the company to measure areas of interest: weights, labs, blood pressures, etc.

We have developed several tools for the website that we feel better reflect the needs of most people: The Food Fitness First, Inc. FOOD SPIRAL and the Favorable Fitness Factor. Both of these tools can be used by health professionals or individuals to learn or teach better eating habits and discover areas of health that may need improvement. Supportive materials (menus, recipes, logs, etc.) were developed to help the users progress to a healthier lifestyle and provide measurable outcomes for the health professionals.

The website is updated daily; at no fee to you!! Take a look and see if Food Fitness First, Inc. can help to meet you healthcare needs.