Reviews & Testimonials

I have worked as a reviewer for Food Fitness First, Inc.® since the beginning of the website.
I review the handouts for accuracy and work with Pam to develop new tools for the website.
I am very proud of the content of the website and know it is the most comprehensive food resource out there! Dietitians, food service directors, health educators, physicians, and others will find Food Fitness First, Inc.® a resource they cannot do their daily work without!

Nancy Walker is the Regional Coordinator of the Kentucky Diabetes Prevention and Control Program and is currently working in Diabetes Education at the Green River District Health Department. She has more than twenty-six years of experience and a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from the University of Kentucky.

Food Fitness First, Inc.® has something valuable for everyone interested in improving their nutritional health and well being from the nutrition professional to the consumer. The FOOD SPIRALS® are easily understood for improving nutritional intake geared toward your specific health needs.

Pat Meadows is a member of the American/Georgia Dietetic Association, the National Kidney Foundation and the Georgia Council on Renal Nutrition. She has over thirty-three years worth of experience in hospitals, nursing homes, and dialysis centers.

The Food Fitness First, Inc.® website has been a great nutritional resource for those of us in the aging field, especially our senior center directors in the 17 county Heart of Georgia Altamaha Region. The directors are able to use the materials to share with clients in regards to nutritional education. If a client is diagnosed with an illness which has nutritional restrictions they can obtain information on the website to help educate the client. I would highly recommend the website for others to utilize.

Gail Thompson worked with the Heart of Georgia Altamaha Area Agency on Aging for thirty-one years. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Human Service Administration from Mercer University.

Easy to understand and apply! is my first stop in diet counseling diabetics, coronary artery disease patients, hypertensive patients, anorexia patients, renal patients, and just patients in general. It is easy for patients and clients to understand the basics of proper nutrition and the importance. The FOOD SPIRALS® approach makes it so easy to make changes and substitutions in their diet with out a lot of hassle . . . In today's fast paced society, with its FOOD SPIRALS® is incredible . . . I have worked closely with patients over all the age spectrum and with all types of medical, emotional, and physical problems in a family practice setting. I love helping my patients any way I can and helps me to keep them at the cutting edge of advanced quality of care nutrition wise.

Michael Wiggins has over twenty-two years of experience working in med-surg, emergency room, critical care, and supervision. He has his Family Nurse Practitioner's Degree. is an intriguing and exciting web resource that is appropriate for anyone to use. The concept of using the FOOD SPIRALS® to help guide users to eating healthy is a novel approach. Proper nutrition selection, with various exchanges and substitutions, can often be a confusing task, but the FOOD SPIRALS® simplify the process, thus allowing users from medical and non-medical backgrounds to accurately make or suggest healthy nutrition choices. This website is a must have' for people of various backgrounds, ages, and cultural diversities.

Teal Jeffers is a Infection Prevention/Occupational Health/Education Manager with more than twenty years of experience working at St. Joseph's Hospital, Savannah, GA., East Georgia Hospital and Candler County Hospital.

The Food Fitness First, Inc.® website has been a valuable tool for the facilities with which I have been associated. I have seen the FOOD SPIRALS® from it's creation and have been and continue to be impressed with the information provided to both practitioners and lay people alike. The format is well thought out and easy to use and [I] feel that this program could be a valuable asset to anyone in the medical [or] dietary [field] or any individual concerned with health and wellness.

Bill Posey is the former CEO of Lower Oconee Regional Medical Center. He has worked as a pharmacist at Meadows Regional Medical Center; and as a pharmacist for hospitals, nursing homes and drug stores. He has twenty-years worth of experience in the field.

A cheerful site... I wasn't intimidated by it. In the day where the healthcare facilities and providers are being called on to do so much patient education it is wonderful to have a site to go to that is easy to navigate and so informative. Not to mention the resources to give to the patient. We are called on to do so much more for our patients with far less manpower resources, Food Fitness First, Inc.® gives us more "manpower resource" at our fingertips. As a Clinical Documentation Specialist I understand the need for improve documentation and along with asking about additional conditions it is also a wonderful feeling as a RN to be able to bring to the table suggestions of how to improve quality of care. Food Fitness First, Inc.® offers those tools needed by patients to help them control the controllable aspects, like diet, of their otherwise uncontrollable disease process, thereby improving quality of care.

Easy to use FOOD SPIRALS® [are] very informative . . . User friendly [and] very beneficial for facility.

Sharon Elvins has over thirteen years of experience in the field.

Food Fitness First, Inc.® is an innovative tool for nutrition education. The FOOD SPIRALS® are a unique way to reshape dietary habits through simple, easy-to-understand graphics. This program addresses a great need in our nation--making good nutrition a lifestyle.

Millie Smith has over eleven years worth of experience in the field and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Nutrition.

Food Fitness First, Inc.® is the new nutritional website that not only provides excellent educational information for health care providers, it can also be individualized for personal use. This user friendly program is simple to navigate for any individual or health care professional.

The FOOD SPIRALS® [are] a wonderful new tool that can be used by anyone wanting to lose weight, maintain a current weight or someone one who just wants to track their food intake. There are also FOOD SPIRALS® that are specific for different diseases or combination of diseases. It is the latest nutritional tracking program that is up to date with the latest foods and is simple to use.

Brandi Scott has over five years worth of experience in the field.